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It's the "What Genre Even Is This?" song from Twitter! Admittedly, I like the song more as just the piano solo because I just don't dig the lead vocalist here, but it's overall pretty great! Animation is great too.

ever since i watched this video and took it to heart, i've been chasing and not chasing my dreams. thx brah!

A ballsy move to put live-action content on Newgrounds, but I respect the risktaking. This was pretty cute! The voice over sounds too professional for the amateur vibe the writing and visuals are clearly going for. It's like the mistakes are written into the script for the commercial instead of the commercial VO character making mistakes.

Some of the sound effects are way too loud and drown out the voice over. Also the music sounds like the Twilight realm from Twilight Princess. The eerie background music is tonally confusing when the commercial itself is very goofy.

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It's hard, but the music is great! Good job, Kawaii <3

This is actually pretty cute! I like how the Earth changes its expression sometimes :D

saadisaadi1 responds:

thank you very much

What a kindhearted game! I love this <3

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Nice job!

You had me until the dubstep started! I really loved what I heard until the build-up at 1:10 because I thought "Oh no, is this gonna be dubstep? Every dubstep song has one of these" and then it was dubstep. 2:15 through 3:35 was great too!

I like it! I wish there was more of a melody and that the dynamic compression weren't so intense, but besides that, it's a great song! (The compression thing is more of a personal preference, most people seem to love heavy compression.) I don't see how it fits the "progressive pop" subgenre, but the idea of a prog rock and pop fusion sounds really cool!

Vista-Sound13 responds:

(Sorry for the wait, I was asleep)

Well, thank you; I am glad you liked the song! Back in the day, I didn't know what genre to put the track, and it sounded more like prog-pop to me, but your anticipation is apparently more accurate, so thanks for that, as well!

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I do notice that some artists make consistently fantastic art and they don't get shown off much at all. But you know, fan art and meme art are more popular. :/

Onemanshowoff responds:

And they have the balls to say they're cutting edge

I watched this be made on a Discord call and it was fuckin awesome, give this girl a thousand bucks, i'm for seriously right now πŸ₯ΊπŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ

YES. I loved this guy as a kid.

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