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My memory is poor, so my recollection may be faulty. Many of the details were taken from me and Marc's Facebook Messenger conversations, though they don't explain everything. I believe we talked more on Skype, but those conversations have unfortunately since been deleted.

My involvement with the Eddsworld Fan Movie project started in mid-2014. Marc asked for image songs for Edd, Tom, and Matt. The intention wasn't to use them in the movie, but as bonus tracks in the movie's future soundtrack album. Edd's image song was originally intended to have lyrics. They told the story of how Edd and Matt deal with Tom's sudden clone. I wrote the lyrics sometime in late September 2014. The intention was to have the voice actors of Edd, Tom, and Matt perform their lines in sprechstimme, a speaking-singing hybrid delivery. I recorded myself singing the narration lyrics in early August. The singing was very cringey and the actors never performed their parts in the song.

The Inner Imaginations of Edd's Mind Lyrics

By Alexander Emenheiser

[SUNG] Sit right there

Imma’ tell you a tale

About a young man

And his two good friends

You better strap right in

This shindig is about to begin

[RAPPED] Edd was sittin’ on the sofa

Takin’ a sip from his cola

Matt started yelling

Like a bat outta’ hell-a

[EDD] “What’s your deal, Matt?

You can be heard two homes over!”

[MATT] “Quick! Duck down

You’re gonna’ blow my cover!”

[RAPPED] So they hid right underneath the couch

And Edd decided to let Matt vouch:

[MATT] “Tom’s gone mad!

There’s nothing we can do!”

[EDD] “What are you talking about?

How can this possibly be true?”


[MATT] “He bumped into me


[EDD] “And then what did he do?”

[MATT] “He said he was sorry!”

[EDD] “WHAT?!”

[MATT] “I know, right!

And that’s not all.

When I told him my granny was ill

He said he’d give her a call!”

“That’s so unlike him!

Being nice and junk.

He’s not supposed to be gentle,

He’s supposed to be a punk!”

[EDD] “These are desperate time

Calls for desperate measures.

We must put an end to this

For now and forever.”

[RAPPED] Scared and confused,

They did what anyone would do

They went up to Tom’s room

And his artillery collection, they went through his

AK-47s, AR-15s,

With enhanced trigger action

[EDD] “Are you ready, Matt?”

[MATT] “Ready as ever, Edd.”

[EDD] “Let’s do this!”

[RAPPED] So they searched the house,

Every nook and cranny.

Looked in the garage

And looked in the pantry.

They huddled ‘gainst the wall,

Look at door that they’d breach,

Slam open the door,

And their destiny was reached.


[SUNG] Oh, my god!

There stood two Toms.

One had to be the right

And the other had to be the wrong.

But which one is real?

The one drinking

Or the one petting the baby seal?

[EDD] “It’s – Oh, it’s the one who’s drinking…”

“What the heck? You have a clone?”

[TOM] “Yup. He’s an anti-clone. He’s the opposite of me.”

[EDD] “That would explain the politeness.”

[MATT] “And the humanitarianism.”

[TOM] “And it would explain why he does all the chores I want him to do for free.”

[MATT] “Did you say FREE?!”

[EDD] “Where did you get this clone?!”

[TOM] “Why, at the Clone Shoppe, of course!”

[MATT] “Ohmigod, Ohmigod, Ohmigod, I’m gonna’ get a clone~~!”

[RAPPED] So Edd and Matt got their own slaves

To do all their work, thinking they would behave

But they forgot that the clones turn evil

So the clones told them to dig their own graves.

Too afraid to die,

They compromised.

[SUNG] Lesson of the story is

Don’t get an anti-clone

To do all of your chores

Or else they might form a union

then you’ll have to pay for worker’s compensation

…Or you can just fire them.

That can work, too.

[TOM] “Hey, Edd? What are we going to do with this seal?”

[SEAL] “ORK!” (Seal noise)

[EDD] “Hmm…We could either give it to the Animal Protection Agency or…”

[MATT] “We can CLONE IT!”









[MATT] “I’m going to call you Shelly! And you: Petunia! And you: Snuggles! And you: Dominguez!”




The "Sit right there / Imma tell you a tale" bit was a Game Grumps reference to how Arin Hanson would open his improv raps with "Wassup, mothafuckas, let me tell you a tale". Looking back, I don't know why I did that since Game Grumps has nothing to do with Eddsworld; chalk it up to being young and inexperienced. Two versions of Tom's image song were made. The first one was a clumsy mix of prog and funk and the second was ska. Ska naturally fitted Tom's character, so that was the one we used. Matt's image song was supposed to have vocals, too, but I struggled with the lyrics and couldn't complete them. So, Matt's theme was left as a strangely paced instrumental. The song was going to be about Matt protecting his precious face from the dangers he encounters while going on a milk run. The chorus was supposed to open each time with a bombastic "NOT THE FACE!!"

"All I can tell you now is the style of music we're going for. Since it's called 'Eddsworld: The Movie', Billy and I really want the music to sound big, like a real movie. For the score, we're going for the regular Eddsworld style (blend of ska, techno, 80s new wave, etc.) but with a larger emphasis on the orchestra." - Marc Lovallo, dir.

Marc asked me to be a composer for the movie itself on June 10th, 2015. My involvement was very on-and-off-again due to the gig being pro bono in addition to going to high school, having a janitor job, depression, and my mother suffering a car accident. I was unfortunately disconnected from the other team members and only really spoke with Marc. To my knowledge, I was the only composer on the team.

The music of Trailer 2 was explicitly inspired by the music of Metal Gear Solid. The animatic of the trailer it belonged to has since been removed, but I think it was supposed to tease the military's role as antagonists. After reading the script and learning about Paul's death in the movie, I composed A Death In the Family to accompany that scene, but was told it might not fit. I later repurposed that song for a faux-video game called Immortal Dust and retitled it Life is Fleeting. It turns out from the leaked animatic it was used in the final scene.

I left the Fan Movie project in September 2016. Interestingly, the Fan Movie team at some point received the original creators' blessings to make the Fan Movie. I never got to interact with any of the official Eddsworld team.

An early version of the script was leaked online in December 2015, I think. In 2018, Marc stepped away from the project to focus on his YouTube channel and Pippin Kelly, also known as PiPtoons, took over as director. The Eddsworld Fan Movie team announced the movie was canceled on September 12th, 2020. Minor grooming allegations against Marc Lovallo and film project-related controversies revolving around him appeared around this time, as well.

On October 9th, 2020, the full movie animatic written and directed by Marc Lavallo was leaked on YouTube and MEGA by Yoyosmixture from Instagram and was met with mixed reception at best. This version of the movie is not to be confused with the canceled project directed by PiPtoon. Watching the leaked animatic in 2020 was the first time I was able to watch the movie in a semi-complete state since starting in 2014.

Working on this project has been an honor and a blemish. On one hand, it was and still is an amazing feeling to have provided music for a cinema-esque movie based on one of my favorite internet cartoons as a kid that is Eddsworld, even if it was an unofficial fan project. It was a great learning experience as a media composer. On the other hand, it is a shame that the project was wrought with delays, controversy, and mediocrity; and that it would result in cancelation years after its conception in 2013. Though I never really got to know any of them during production, I wish the crew members of the Eddsworld Fan Movie team the best, including Charlie Neider (@chxrliee), PiPtoons, Billy Crinion, Arivuple, Franchesca Pun, Shainix, Best Buds, ShawnCookie, Patman, Vintdoo, Andrew Scott, Korpdork, Fliglaba, FishieComics, Star-Kingo, Gary On a Skateboard, Anthamation, Jaylin Corbin, DoctorLazlo, Collin Bogert, Kevin Horton, N0sSyndrome, and MikanGamerPrime. (I hope I got everyone!)

Finally, thank you to my Patreon supporters—Aleah, Ashley, and Froggy—for your continued patronage.




Download the album here on Newgrounds or on Bandcamp.

Here is a list of all the known credits for the Marc Lovallo version of the Eddsworld Fan Movie. Information supplied by Mikan.


Edd | Anthony Rees

Tom and Mark | Lena Charles

Matt | James Horsley (was recast once Jon took over as director in 2018 before PiP)

General McCoy | Kevin Horton

Private Martin | Mike Joseph

Paul | Billy Crinion

Edwardo, Ian, and Hillary | Marc Lovallo

Jon and Loud Bob | Jon Lopez

Anna | Elissa Park / Adoxgraphist

Pony scientists | Billy Crinion and an unknown voice actor

Commander Bai | Jason Norris / N0sSyndrome

President Mone | Landon Bell

Patryk | Matthew Plichta

Kim and Katya, Milkman, Son Rwanson, Bill, Frank, Space Cat Announcer, Delivery Guy, Stefon Zolesky | Unknown voice actors

Evil Director | Lena Charles and unknown voice actor

Larry, Seth Mayer | Likely Mark Lovallo

Soldiers and additional voices | Unknown voice actors; likely Billy Crinion, Marc Lovallo, and Lena Charles


Composers | Alexander Emenheiser, Finn MK, Hayleigh West-Nover, and Marc Lovallo

Composers (Unused) | Michael Pearson, Chandler Robinson, Noemie Pounder, and Zack Walter

Direction, Storyboards, and Editing | Marc Lovallo

Animation | Jon Lopez

Story | Marc Lovallo, Jonah Good, and Radley Catubig



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