Makin' Toons || No. 4 || Vacation and Miiverse

2016-09-05 23:34:22 by ade-syndicate

First thing's first, I have been on an accidental vacation from animating for the past week not because I don't want to, but because Mark and I have been closing up with pre-production of the forthcoming short film and also I left my laptop and tablet in the Clear View Pictures studio office. Ordinarily, I could just waltz right in and retrieve my stuff no problem, but Mark has the key and he was on vacation since Saturday through Monday, or Labor Day. I will be back at it tomorrow morning!




In other news, I recently bought a second-hand Wii U from GameStop and I hooked it up to the internet only to discover that Nintendo made a social media platform called Miiverse where you can make little drawings using the Wii U's gamepad and stylus.






I thoroughly enjoy this feature.

This means that Darren and I can now play Wii U games on Totally Good at Games! We've recorded a few episodes of Super Mario 3D World, making Miis, and whatnot. These episodes will be up after the Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii set of episodes are released.


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2017-08-30 15:49:43

@phantomarcade is doing a theater screening of NG stuff in October, hoping you'll be included ;)

ade-syndicate responds:

Where's this happening?


2017-08-30 16:23:09

Over in Ambler, nearish to NG HQ