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😎 What the heck am I working on? INDIE GAME MUSIC, YOUTUBE, ETC.

Posted by ade-syndicate - January 17th, 2019

😎 What the heck am I working on?

Four main things!

  • Music
  • Totally Good at Games
  • Filmmaking
  • Animation

Since 2016-ish, my focus shifted from animating to composing! Specifically composing for indie games. I find great life purpose in it and am currently pursuing it as a career. Finding financial stability in freelance is, as you would probably imagine, very erratic and searching for such stability in freelance is perhaps even futile by its very nature.

I have worked on so many game music projects. In the span of a few years, I've worked on DragonBlossom, Nexomon, the sequel to a certain Pokemon-like game, Dungeon Misadventures, Sonic Verges, a wizard game, a tower defense game, Ninja Gaiden 4, TellersTale, yBorg, Acid Marshmallow, PaperGami, Project Fuck, and Project Skates. Some of them get completed and published, some of them never make it past the preproduction stage. Currently, I am working on music and even sound effects for 13, a metroidvania; VentureBound, an RPG set in modern times; Spook Royale, a twin-stick shooter with Halloween imagery; and Ms. Director, a horror adventure game set in the 1930s.

Creating the sounds for all of these games have given me great pleasure, a sense of peace and self-worth that I have not been able to get anywhere else. I am both very proud and thankful that I am able to have this job.

Totally Good at Games is an internet let's play show that me and my best friend Darren Leeds debuted on Thursday, February 26th, 2015. Three years later, the show is still going, still growing, and has its fair share of fans! Some even sent us fan mail! (Thank you, Anastasia!)

We hired our friend Brad Jordan as video editor! The first episode you've seen him edit for is The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past on Part 2 where he did a bunch of visual gags! His work is great, so please welcome Brad. He originally started with our 2-hour Hot Shots Golf Fore! series, but the raw commentary footage I recorded was shit, so we may keep that series scrapped forever. (It had a lot of great, funny moments in there, so I may attempt to salvage it sometime in the future!)

Speaking of scrapping videos, there are a bunch of one-offs and series that me and Darren recorded in 2016 and 2017 that have just never seen the light of day. They are all perfectly good episodes, but they were never fully edited because of my own faults. Many of the games did not interest me enough to edit them for hours and hours. So while Darren and I's commentary were great, the episodes never went up for you all to watch.

But that won't soon be the case! I've painstakingly organized all the Premiere projects, even organized everything within each unfinished project, and have been slowly going through every each one to complete them. You can see that there were a bunch of series we did not publish like Mighty No. 9, Crash Bandicoot 2, Just Cause, and more. They will come out over time and will not be edited by Brad.


Lastly on the topic of TGaG, we've started a new(-ish) show! Now all horror games we let's play will be played under Totally Good at Ghouls! It was supposed to start during the Halloween season 2018, but Darren and I could not find a time to get together and record.

FILMMAKING! I've been contacted by the creators of Game of Honor, a game competition show, to be part of the film crew. I'll be starting on Saturday, January 26th. I was supposed to start in late 2018, but did not because of my own incompetency. Hopefully this time will be different!

ANIMATION! There's a lot of animation projects that are left uncompleted. Anti-Joke, OneyPlays Animated, and What's In the Basement? (Part 2) are all incomplete. Quickly going over the three's completion status:

  1. The thumbnails and lineart for the first half of Anti-Joke is complete. I just have to do the thumbnails and lineart for the second half before I can move onto cleanup, coloring, background art, and sound design.
  2. Progress on OneyPlays Animated has barely begun and is really more of something I would like to work on someday rather than something that should be worked on. At least for the time being.
  3. Almost everything for What's In the Basement? (Part 2) is complete except for the sound design, voice acting, and one transition movement. I will have to contact Charlie Neider and Matt Starette again to have them do their roles (as well as some new ones????)

And that's it! I guess you can think of this as my New Year Resolutions! Thank you for reading and thank you for enjoying what I have to give. There is a Patreon if you want to donate!

— Alex E.



Comments (3)

That is a looooot of stuff you're working on man! Looking forward to seeing some of it come to fruition.

Thank you! It takes an awful long time for some of these things to come together. There have been a lot of life-changing things happening like two consecutive family deaths, loss of my job, unpredictable romance, and life-long friends fading away, as well as dealing with my own preexisting faults. So, trying to focus solely on progressing in these fields becomes a challenge.

Oh man, even more impressive with all of that in the background! Sorry to hear about your family members passing in particular. :/ All of this recent, too? For sure, gotta focus on the positive and keep pushing forward, but all of that sounds pretty tough!

Yes, this all happened within a very short time frame, in the span of about three months.
Thank you for the kind words! It means a lot.

Oh man. O_O