Makin' Toons || No. 3 || Filmmaking and Livestreaming Updates

2016-08-18 13:19:47 by ade-syndicate

On Livestreaming

I want to start doing livestreams on Picarto and Twitch again. I used to do them months back when I still attended Millersville University (and by attended I mean I sat in the on-campus Starbucks and animated all day instead of going to my classes), but ever since having walked out from college, the thought of livestreaming left a salty taste in my mouth. I think I've finally gotten over the anxiety of having left college, though, and that associative thought process linking livestreaming and school may have been resolved, so I very well may feel comfortable with livestreaming again.

That is not the only problem, however. I am unsure of how well my laptop can handle livestreaming and Toon Boom Harmony, not to mention the possibility of having a webcam, too. One of the main reasons I never livestreamed after having left college—besides the associative anxiety issue I mentioned—was that my home's internet is that it's (A) got a set limit of how much bandwidth can be used per month and (B) the internet upload and download speeds are atrocious, especially after exceeding a certain threshold. There are periods where my home internet upload speed is quite literally one byte per second. One byte per second. Let that sink in.


"Over 14 years." – Evan Huber

However, the problem of internet speeds could very well be fixed now that I almost entirely work from the Clear View Pictures studio office! My home internet speeds are, according to Google's speed test and as of writing this, ~0.4 MB/s for downloads and 0.25 MB/s for uploads. At the studio, however, the internet speeds are 2 MB/s for downloads and ~1.33 MB/s for uploads. If my laptop is able to handle running OBX to stream at a decent video quality and Toon Boom to animate, I'll do my best to keep a regular streaming schedule.

The office hours are every weekday from 9 AM to 2:30 PM. So, I imagine that in most cases livestreaming would take place from about 10 AM to 2 PM every Monday through Friday. If possible, I'd like to also record the streams to an external hard drive so that I can upload them to YouTube as unlisted videos, as well, since saving them to my on-board hard drives would slow down my computer. I would have to talk to Mark about that, since he is the one who owns them and uses them the most frequently; these drives are important for filmmaking and video editing, which is his forte, and I wouldn't want to interrupt him needlessly for a nicety. Of course, I could simply get my own external hard drive.

On Filmmaking

On August 15th from about 6 PM to 3:30 AM the following morning, Mark and I filmed a mostly improvised comedy skit titled About Girls. It was intended to release as a sketch on Sunday Sketch Show, Mark's forthcoming YouTube series, but after I and some others requested it be released sooner, we decided it will be released as is! I will be releasing my first, rough cut of About Girls to $1 Patrons only!

The first episode of Sunday Sketch Show has been filmed and the remainder of the season will be written by Mark. I am expected to direct at least one episode, though! I look forward to doing that. In addition to that project, I am in the pre-production stage of writing and directing my own original live-action work for the ADE-Syndicate channel and Totally Good at Games

Sunday Sketch Show will be released to the Clear View Pictures channel on Sunday, August 28th at 1 PM Eastern Time, or 10 AM Pacific Time.


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