Makin' Toons (7/29/2016)

2016-07-29 15:36:33 by ade-syndicate

I: Animation

There has been more progress made on the current animation project! Right now, I'm still working on roughing out the whole animation, but I'm also beginning to work on more well-rendered keyframes for certain characters. It's far from done, though; the point where I'll be doing proper lineart is certainly in the future.




There are a few things that I still need to have prepared, namely the music and the background music. I will likely be doing the background music here, but I want to have someone more talented in this area paint the background art. The only obstacles to this end are (A) finding an artist who is willing to work either for little pay or even pro bono and (B) finding a talented background artist. I am currently saving up money for animation (and Totally Good at Games—Darren and I are both saving up for a Wii U or an NX when it comes out), however what little money I do make is used almost entirely for bills and car maintainance. As an artist myself, I understand the disdain around expecting cheap and especially pro bono work from artists as artmaking is a very expensive service. It pains me to have to resort to searching for free work and hope to split what revenue there could be after the fact. 

This is where Patreon really helps! You have the option of donating to the animation, directly affecting the quality and production of the resulting cartoon! If you want to support my work, go to the link below and pledge an amount per month. On Patreon, there are frequent updates on the progress of the cartoon I work on, as well as a set of rewards for donating a certain amount!

Alex's Patreon page -

Pledging a donation is, of course, entirely up to you! You aren't obligated to do so; only if you want to help improve the quality of the cartoons!

II: Studio Office

In addition, my friend Mark Swartz and I have been meeting twice per week (on Fridays at 10 AM and Saturdays at 2 PM) in order to come up with ideas for live-action & animation and to plan out & budget these projects. This Friday, Mark and I talked about setting up a semi-proper studio office for working on our projects. This means that I will have a specific, designated place away from home to animate! The office is expected to open when the semester opens in a few months or so.

I'll post pictures of the office space when it's ready!

 — Alex Emenheiser


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